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I'm a singer-songwriter and worship leader in Nashville, TN; originally from Anguilla, MS and Mobile, AL. Having spent years believing lies about my own value and worth, the Lord finally got through to me to show me how the Truth sets us free!

Now, I'm driven by a strong desire to seek and find Truth in all situations, and to share it with every person who will listen.

My debut album “Lately” released on September 9, 2014 and you can pick it up via this website, or through most online major retailers, including:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lately/id907479508
Amazon MP3: http://www.amazon.com/Lately-Alice-Summers/dp/B00MKG45TY

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Deep Waters Women's Ministry - worship

Gates of Peninsula Club House, 430 Walton Ferry Road, Hendersonville, TN 37075

free event - appetizers & light refreshments will be served. No cost except your time :)

Speaker: Melody Frazier Morris Melody is a psalmist, singer, intercessor, and prophet. She has served in ministry since 1997 and travels doing schools of the Holy Spirit. Her passion is to see people awakened in their love for Yeshua, equipped in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and sent to win the world. She and her husband have 4 children serving the Almighty!

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By Night When Others Soundly Slept Podcast

Today's reading from the SRT: Lent book is about repentance but there is also this beautiful poem that resonates with me. Hope it speaks to you, despite the "old English" language. 

By Night When Others Soundly Slept
Anne Bradstreet, circa 1647

By night when others soundly slept,
And had at once both ease and Rest,
My waking eyes were open kept
And so to lye I found it best.

I sought Him whom my Soul did Love, 
With tears I sought Him earnestly;
He bow'd His ear down from Above,
In vain I did not seek or cry. 

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Pray through scripture 3

I Don't Identify With The Prodigal. (Reflection & Prayer) Podcast

I am no theologian. The Parable of the Prodigal Son is probably supposed to cast me as the prodigal for many theological reasons. I seem to remember hearing that it has implications for believers of Jewish and Gentile descent, in which case I would definitely fall in the "prodigal" category. But I also believe that God can speak to us in different ways through Scripture as long as it's consistent with His character as we know it through Scripture-based revelation. So, bear with me. 

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What i would do for you

It's Like God Sang It Over Me: "What I Would Do For You"

I don't have a lot of commentary to add for "What I Would Do For You" - it's one of those songs that, as a songwriter, I almost feel weird about saying I wrote it because it really was like God sang it over me and I just let it out. However, it was a response to a songwriting challenge from the Facebook group for www.writechristiansongs.com (if you are a Christian and write songs or aspire to write them, check it out - there's no cost to join this community and you can participate in as many or as few…Read more
Bag phone

Behind The Noise : a song of conviction

I don't know about you, but if I leave my phone at home by mistake and have to do without it for half the day, I start to have withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes when my husband and I have lunch together on Sunday, we look up and realize that we've each been tapping away at our phones for 10 minutes without really talking to one another. We have to make a conscious effort to put away the phones and turn off the TV, because today we find noise more comfortable than silence...

I belong to a generation that can…Read more
I wait

God Is A Gentleman : "I Wait" by Alice Summers

Part of me is tempted to write a whole lot about this song, but on the other hand I think the lyrics communicate what I needed to say quite well. I have lived these lyrics, but I also wanted to keep it general enough so that anyone can relate.

In my experience, God doesn't force His will on us. He is the consummate gentleman, respecting the free will He created in us. But because of our experiences in this fallen world, we have forgotten that it's possible to trust completely and not be disappointed. 

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